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How do I figure board footage and what are the waste factors?

Average Waste Facors(drying and straight line ripping)
12"- 13.25%
11"- 13.82%
10"- 14.5%
9"- 15.33%
8"- 16.38%
7"- 17.71%
6"- 19.5%
5"- 22%
4"- 25.75%

Board footage can be calculated two ways.

1. Thickness(in inches) x Width(in inches) x Length(in feet) divided by 12=bdft.

2. If thickness, width and length are in inches, use the calculation in #1 and divide by 144 which also =bdft.

Our board footage is figured on a *gross tally, therefore, a percentage of waste(drying and straight line ripping) has to be added back to the total after figuring the board foot. You can refer to waste factors above to pinpoint what percentage to add back, depending on the width of your board.
*Gross tally-Count taken when the lumber has just been cut off of the tree without being dried or straight lined ripped. Also known as green lumber.

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