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Your source for retail and wholesale lumber


Suwanee Lumber maintains a large inventory of top grade hardwood lumber with matching plywood for cabinet and furniture makers, do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists, and others seeking a wide selection of quality wood.

In addition to carrying fillers and solvents, wood tape, and some eastern white pine products such as cabinet face plates and a variety of moldings, our other lumber options include:


10" Drawer Side White Birch 8ft-10 pair in a box

12" Drawer Side White Birch 8ft - 10 pair in box

3/8 X 2 Dowel Pins

4" Drawer Side White Birch 8ft-20 pair in a box

Famowood (23 oz)

Famowood (6 oz)

Famowood Solvent (pint)

M.L.Campbell Stain
Tinted to minwax colors


Veneer Sheets 2X8

Veneer Tape 13/16 (250 Roll)

Veneer Tape 13/16 (PER LNF)

Water Proof Wood Glue (GAL)

Water Proof Wood Glue (PINT)

Wood Glue Empty Pint Bottle

Wood Glue Hi-Tack (GAL)

Wood Glue Hi-Tack (PINT)

For more information on any of our products, or to inquire about availability and pricing, contact us today.

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